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Whatever your running needs...


Whether new to running and just starting your running journey, an experienced racer preparing for a multi-day long distance event, or anything in between, we have the skills and knowledge to help you get the best experience you can. Introductory courses, strength & conditioning, running programmes, race preparation, and guided runs  are just some of the ways we can help. Whatever your needs, simply get in touch 

Strength & Conditioning for Runners

A progressive programme of exercise and movement aimed at developing run specific strength, power, efficiency, and muscular endurance.
Incorporating elements of muscle activation, balance, speed and agility will increase your performance and help reduce the likelihood of injury.

Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Runners
Runners Group Workout

Trail Running Intro & Improver Workshops

Our 'Intro to Trail Running' workshop aims to introduce the joys of getting off the beaten track, and help provide you with the skills and knowledge to tackle your first trails with confidence. 
Our 'Improver' sessions build on those foundations, developing skills to tackle more challenging terrain and introducing a new sense of adventure. 

Guided Trail Runs
We offer bespoke guided runs across Scotland, tailored specifically to your requests. Alternatively, book on to one of our pre-arranged guided runs - billed as Trail Running Experience, Explorer, or Adventure, these runs range from 1/2 day to full-day & weekend trips.  Coming soon - we hope to offer 5-7 day overseas running tours in the very near future.

Guided Trail Runs
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